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    How to increase youngsters' interest in HR careers?

    Many young people LIKE YOU have no interest in HR as a career. Discuss how this situation can be improved FOR YOU. You will need to do some detailed research beforehand and clearly outline your positive arguments. 30 points. USE EXTERNAL SOURCES.

    How to increase youngsters' interest in HR careers?

    How to increase youngsters' interest in HR careers? 

    The process of career choice decision making is a key element of an individual´s life (Afaq Ahmed, Sharif, & Ahmad, 2016). Many individuals who are ending up in the wrong career are becoming a source of inefficiency not only for themselves but also for their companies and the economy as a whole (Afaq Ahmed, Sharif, & Ahmad, 2016). Therefore, It is vitally important to make a wise decision when it comes to career choice decision making.  

    People´s career choices and decisions are categorized by two factors that are psychological and social (Afaq Ahmed, Sharif, & Ahmad, 2016). Social factors such as individual bonds and relations, their parents, family, history and some other characteristic of the environment (Afaq Ahmed, Sharif, & Ahmad, 2016). Psychological factors such as individual cognitive, beliefs, intentions, ideas, perception, and personality (Afaq Ahmed, Sharif, & Ahmad, 2016). 

    A quantitative study conducted on young adults in Central Pennsylvania showed that family influence, society, the state of the economy, and financial constraints are all aspects that have a significant impact on an individual career choice (Afaq Ahmed, Sharif, & Ahmad, 2016). Companies that are willing to recruit young people to their HR departments must keep those factors in mind and must understand their influence on young people's career choice decisions. 

    Educating families and parents about HR and pursuing them to influence their youngsters to plan their careers in HR can be one of the most effective strategies to recruit young people in HR positions. 


    Other factors that have an impact on an individual career choice are personality type and interest in the subject, ease of the subject, financial outcomes and future job opportunities (Afaq Ahmed, Sharif, & Ahmad, 2016). The extent of the impact of these factors may vary from one culture to another. For example, a study on personality types and interest in Kenya showed that this factor plays a significant role in influencing students' career choices (Afaq Ahmed, Sharif, & Ahmad, 2016). But a similar study in South Africa where demographics and culture are different revealed that financial factors have a more significant impact on students' career choices, (Afaq Ahmed, Sharif, & Ahmad, 2016). Understanding the culture and the different demographics is very crucial to develop a young generation of employees with significant interest in HR.


    Companies can increase young people's interest in HR careers if they look deeply into these factors and analyze how they are influencing the young career choice decision-making process. For instance, companies can work on increasing students' interests in HR subjects by giving students lectures at their universities and schools, and by arranging class visits to their HR departments. This approach can result in a better understanding of HR from students and thus increasing their interest in HR Careers. Furthermore, many people think that young people have no interest in pursuing a career in HR. But the fact is many young people don’t know what HR is all about, and nor the different roles and responsibilities of an HR specialist, and that shows the necessity for more education about HR. 


    Afaq, Ahmed, K., Sharif, N., & Ahmad, N. (2016). Factors Influencing Students’ Career Choices: Empirical Evidence from Business Students. Journal of Southeast Asian Research, 3-5. Retrieved from





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