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Sell a book, publish an article, ask a question, or start your
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BooksBase is your social hub for affordable and accessible education.
Through our innovative product mix, you will be able to educate
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Buy and sell used books, publish and share documents, and ask and answer questions with BooksBase while making money and helping others.
Build and organize solo and group projects on a global platform where you can get valuable feedback, recommendations, and support to facilitate and finish your projects.
Collaborate on projects and ideas, share documents and assignments with friends and colleagues, and start your study groups with BooksBase.
Elaborate & Network
Open debates and group chat, give and receive feedback, and improve your learning with BooksBase.
Learn what you want,
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Our marketplace solution brings you the resources and tools to
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Easy to use marketplace
Community and financial
Networking and personalized
learning Experience

Daily newsfeed experience of a global educational content that is created and curated with ultimate passion and freedom!
Whether you like to read, listen, or watch, BooksBase has it all! With our growing community and software development, you will be able to get your personalized learning experience right on your home page.

Our Membership models

  • Buy and sell books (Offline)
  • Create, share and publish documents
  • Chat and network with friends
  • Online collaborative community
  • Online library
  • Earn credits $
  • Displayed ads

4.95 /Monthly
  • All basic membership features plus:
  • Buy and sell books (Online)
  • Download, buy and sell documents
  • Digital wallet
  • Manage your sales & purchases
  • Audio and group chat
  • Connect and search people
  • Earn and cash credits $
  • Ads free

8.95 /Monthly
  • All advanced membership features plus:
  • Create and organize projects
  • Create and join study groups
  • Host video call and confrences
  • Collaborate on chat
  • Advanced search
  • Follow courses and study programs
  • Analytics tool for documents
  • Advanced online library
  • Earn and cash more credits $

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